A Traffic Department (DGT) helicopter will this summer be equipped with cameras to record infringements of traffic law and to report the drivers who commit them, Ramon Socias, the national Government's delegate to the Balearics, announced yesterday. Socias was speaking at a press conference, called to review the accident rate on the roads since the beginning of the year.
He also announced a campaign to step up of preventative measures which will run this summer.
One of these measures of control will consist of the DGT's helicopter flying over the roads of the Balearics for eight hours daily between June 15 and September 15. Three civil servants from the DGT are receiving special training in the handling of the equipment for the recording, transmission and analysis of the data collected. The review of this data could later translate into drivers being reported for infringements of the traffic law.
Socias underlined the necessity to increase observation because of the “worrying” accident rate on the islands' roads, in spite of the fact that the 33 deaths in traffice accidents so far this year represents a fall of 8 percent in comparison with the same period in 2005.