Newsdesk THE Balearics will next week get reinforcements of between 150 and 160 new Guardia Civil officers, the national Government's delegate to the Balearics, Ramon Socias, announced yesterday. This will raise the number of Guardia Civil officers on the islands (at present some 1'500) to 1'650. This will give a police presence which will greatly improve the vigilance in the streets, which is necessary in order to cut down the rise in the number of petty crimes and minor infringements. Socias said that the serious crime rate had fallen in the Balearics so far this year. However, minor crimes such as petty theft were on the rise, and for this reason “it is necessary to increase security and vigilance in the streets by reinforcing the existing officers of the Guardia Civil” he said. Socias added that these new Guardia Civil officers will be incorporated into the Balearic force next week. He continued that, to these officers should be added the number of Guardia Civil and Police officers who will come to the islands to reinforce citizen security during the summer season. These will consist of some 10 or 12 Guardia Civil officers and some 15 or 20 officers from the National Police Force.