A WORM native to South America is threatening the tomato crops of Majorca.
The tuta was first discovered in Europe in Valencia and Ibiza last year. A month ago, it was discovered in Majorca.
The main crops affected by the tuta are tomatoes and potatoes, but it has also been detected in pepper and aubergine crops.
So far, the worm has only been discovered in tomatoes, in a greenhouse in Palma and in Sa Pobla - which is already suffering from the havoc the bad weather is playing with the harvesting of the potato crop.

There is also a possibility that the tuta has been discovered in crops in Son Carrió in the Sant Llorenç municipality is also being studied, according to the Balearic Department of Agriculture. The department is advising anyone who discovers one of these worms - which lays its eggs on the leaves of the tomato plants - to get in contact with them.