Palma.—While 22-year-old Argentine Ignacio Carretero remains in hospital in a critical condition suffering serious burns to large parts of his body and multiple injuries, the owners of the Cesna 172, Valeria Turner said yesterday that the plane was in “perfectly good” condition having only passed its 200 hours revision just ten days ago.

Turner, who runs Aviation Centre also described the pilot as “excellent”.
According to Turner, the pilot had all his paperwork in order and was “a natural” in the cockpit. “If someone was to ask me who or what was the most unlikely cause of the fatal crash I would say he was,” she added.
Turner explained that Carretero had chartered the light plane because he is in the process of clocking up hours to obtain his commercial pilot's license and invited three friends to go along for the ride. “This is quite usual practice for young pilots training for their commercial wings,” she added.
However, Turner did not appear impressed with the news that crash investigators had arrived from Madrid yesterday. “There's no room for speculation in tragedies like this,” she stated.

That said, Civil Aviation experts are surprised that the plane came down in the field between Al Campo and Bon Sosec cemetery just nine minutes and seven kilometres after take off from Son Bonet airfield.

Aviation experts at Son Bonet told the Bulletin on Friday that the plane was “climbing out of take off” when it suddenly crashed to the ground and exploded into a ball of flames.

The victims were a 23 year-old Cuban, a 35-year-old Colombian, both male, and a 35-year-old woman from Barcelona.
Civil Aviation have extensively photographed the scene of the crash as part of the investigation into what went wrong.
Sources said they are surprised because condition were good, there was no wind and visibility was very clear.
The fire fighter who dragged the pilot from the flames was still being treated to burns to his hands yesterday while the crash site remains cordoned off and will remain so for the duration of the investigation.