Newsdesk THE leader of the Balearic Government, Jaume Matas, yesterday named quality and design as the elements which had inspired the Balearic Government to promote the furniture industry within a context of the competitivity and “aggressive” tendencies in the market. In his speech at the inauguration of the first World Furniture Congress, which is taking place in Majorca until May 25, Matas talked about the changes which this sector is experiencing, which affect 1'200 companies employing 5'000 people. Matas also referred to the impact of globalisation of the sector, which will be the subject of a debate during the congress. The debate will be about the situation of the furniture sector in the international market and the challenges that have to be met to stabilise it. During his speech, the President of the European Furniture Union, Calixto Valenti, said that the object of the congress is to contribute to the advance of the industry, and added that a “price war” will “not help”. Valenti defended “international cooperation” as a means to help the development of the furniture sector and highlighted that “the goal” of the congress is the creation of a world organisation for this sector. The congress, which is sponsored by the Balearic Government through the Ministry of Commerce, is organised by the European Furniture Union.