Pollensa.—Yesterday, the Port of Pollensa Neighbourhood Association which has had the beach management contract since 1973, were working to remove the last of their sunshades, sunbeds and other installations to make way for equipment supplied by the new managers recently appointed by Pollensa town council, F&A Beach management.

Tourists watching the operation unfold before their eyes were astonished at the sight of a tractor ploughing up and down the beach helping move the last of the Association's facilities. The tourists were speechless when they were deprived of the last available sunshade.

The Association has had to remove every single one of its items because not to do so would run the risk of being fined by Central Government's Coastal department which controls shoreline activity right around the country.

F&A Beach management have a week within which to put up its own sunbeds and sunshades but meanwhile the beach stands to lose its European Union seal of quality, the blue flag. “We're giving an appalling image to tourists,” Pedro Garau, President of Port of Pollensa hoteliers' association said yesterday. “We can't allow this situation (of beach facilities not being ready for the summer season) to continue for another year.” And that is the reason, he confirmed, why the hoteliers' association is considering taking the management of the beach into its own hands next year.

Disgruntled Port of Pollensa Neighbourhood Association has been complaining about the fact that none of their members - including those who were paid beach operatives - had received official notice of termination of contract. They claim F&A Beach company has “no experience.”