BEFORE the Majorca Everest expedition set off we asked them that if they were successful and managed to reach the summit of the world's highest mountain then they should fly a Bulletin flag from their base camp. Journalist Joan Carles Palos from our stablemate Balears, who was accompanying the expedition as their press officer, agreed to our request and was even photographed in our offices holding the flag before they left. Last week the expedition conquered Everest and flying proudly from base camp was the Bulletin flag. It has a most successful expedition which has taken Majorca to new heights. The Majorcan team are now preparing to return to the island where they will receive a hero's welcome. They are the first Majorcans ever to climb Everest. The President of the Council of Majorca, Maria Antonia Munar, has congratulated them and the Council is expected to hold a reception in their honour when they return to the island later this month. The Council of Majorca, the Grupo Serra, (the publishers of the Bulletin) Sa Nostra, and the Gas and Electricity Board (GESA) were the chief sponsors of the expedition. An initial attempt to climb last year by the same group had to be abandoned because of poor weather conditions.