STAFF REPORTER THE Calvia Councillor for Foreign Affairs, Kate Mentink, said yesterday that the decision not to reschedule Calvia's Europe Day fiesta which was canceled because of the torrential rain on Sunday, May 11, was taken by senior council members on the grounds that Calvia's calendar of events was too tight and that there was not a suitable date free.

On the day, Mentink and her team told those taking part that she hoped the fiesta, which is now the largest one-day fiesta in Majorca, would be held on a later date.

However, Mentink said yesterday that Calvia council director general Toni Ramis ruled that there is not a suitable slot in the events calendar to fit the fiesta in. Mentink said that she, like everyone else involved, is disappointed. “Everyone I spoke to was prepared to do it all over again for free, the musicians, the groups, the stall holders, everyone and I thank them all for their cooperation and I can understand their disappointment,” she said yesterday.

However, she hopes to shortly announce who has won the European Citizen of the Year Award . “39 percent of Calvia's population is now non-Spanish and we need to recognise the vitally important role the foreign community plays in Calvia,” she said.