Palma.—Sir Roger, was knighted in the 2012 ‘New Year Honours' for public and political services, told the Bulletin yesterday that the Prime Minister “on balance made the right call by going ahead with a week-long family holiday to Ibiza this week.” Cameron flew into Ibiza with his wife Samantha and their three young children early last Saturday morning, only to wake up on Sunday to criticism that he had gone abroad considering recent events in ‘Woolwich' and the country's continuing economic problems.

However, Sir Roger, who has been a critic of Cameron over certain policies, said that the Prime Minister “was stuck between a rock and a hard place.” Sir Roger, who is on holiday himself in France said: “To start with, he has a young family and is entitled to a holiday. Unfortunately, some people may have thought that the time was wrong but, on balance, I think he made the right call. “Just think of the headlines ‘PM cancels holiday because of crisis'. He would have played into the hands of the media, his political opponents and more importantly the terrorists. “And all this talk of ‘who is running the country?', well he clearly is.” Fully briefed “I am away, but, all of my communications have been diverted to me here in France and yesterday I began dealing with all the important things that arrived on my desk over the Bank Holiday weekend. My team is fully briefed back in the UK, and obviously, the Prime Minister is in constant contact with his Cabinet.” “He will be in Ibiza with his key advisors and, with today's advanced technology and communications, you don't have to be stuck in Number 10 all the time to be on top of developments and making policy decisions,” Sir Roger said. “He also needs a holiday like all of us, otherwise he faces ‘burn out',” said the MP, whose Labour Party opponent in the 1983 election was Cherie Blair.

But, time will tell.
The Guardian reacted by claiming that “David Cameron's relaxation may be his downfall” while the Daily Mirror's lead story was “David Cameron wrong to relax on beach during terror crisis,” says mother of fallen soldier.” Even the traditionally Conservative-leaning Sun ran with “Crisis? I'm off to Ibiza. Britain on terror alert, cops raid suspects, but PM jets out for hols.” A No 10 spokesman said: “The PM is on holiday with his family for the week. As always, whilst away, he remains in charge, and has office support with him.”