Palma.—The Guardia Civil and Calvia Local Police with support from the National Police yesterday went public about a ‘major crackdown' on illegal immigration which was carried out in Magalluf on Friday night.

Albeit officially an anti-immigration operation, of the 30 people identified, the majority were Nigerian women and 12 of them could face ‘deportation'.

In an official statement, the Guardia Civil reported that the operation was just the latest in a series of measures which are going to be taken this summer to stamp out ‘violent street crime' and ‘muggings' in the holiday resort, many of which are committed by women posing as prostitutes. The Gaurdia Civi stressed that the operation will run all summer to maximise the level of security for holiday makers in Magalluf and also get the ‘petty criminals', which over the past few years have become a major nuisance and have damaged the resort's images, off the streets.

The Guardia Civil also thanked Calvia Council for its support and involvement in the campaign.