Mahon.—The Port of Mahon was lined with people yesterday afternoon for the spectacular display given by the Red Arrows over the harbour.
The aerobatics display by the team of nine pilots which are considered the best in the world, marks the beginning of a series of events planned to celebrate the building of the originally British hospital in the port of Mahon 300 years ago.

The exhibition by the Red Arrows was just the start of a “fest” of entertainment and conferences designed to examine the progress that has been made since the original hospital was built by British forces in the 18th century.

Medical commentators and experts will be gathering on the island to give their assessments and historians will be contributing to a separate perspective on the abandoned site which remains a testament to the infrastructure bequeathed by the British.

The site has been earmarked for reform through the Isla del Rei charitable foundation.
But there will be plenty for the non-academic to get their teeth into including sailing and rugby competitions as part of the activities which will continue until October.