Joan Collins PALMA airport will be the first in Spain to have a fairs precinct incorporated into it thanks to the agreement signed yesterday between the airport and the Balearic Government to construct the new fairs precinct in a space of 20'000 square metres in the passenger area. The director of the airport, Nemesio Suarez, and the Balearic Minister for Commerce, Industry and Energy, Josep Juan Cardona, in the company of the director of the Spanish Airports Authority (AENA), Dolores Izquierdo, signed the collaboration agreement yesterday. According to the agreement, the airport will give the Balearic Government an area in which to construct the fairs precinct, although it is still not known exactly where this will be, said Juan Cardona, although he added that it would be known “shortly”. The agreement also stipulates that, while the work for the new building is in progress, AENA will give the Fairs and Congresses department, via a temporary contract, the ground floor of Module A of the airport, an area of 11'000 square metres into which they will move their offices. The move will take place once the work to adapt Module A has finished but Juan Cardona was unable to say when this would be started. He added that they will move from the building which at present houses the fairs precinct in the Poligono de Levante, which belongs to the Balearic Institute for Housing (Ibavi) and whose land is included in the project for the remodelling of Palma sea front. The ceding of Module A will be for four years, although it is hoped that the fairs precinct will be constructed before this period finishes as, he said, the draft project should be presented after this summer and the actual project before the end of 2006. To build the fairs precinct, said Juan Cardona, it is necessary to follow the guidelines laid down in the airport's directing plan. In fact, the project did require an area of 80'000 square metres, which has been reduced to 20'000 square metres as, said Juan Cardona, Palma airport has many of the installations required, such as parking space.