STAFF REPORTER A BUS travelling along the Paseo Maritimo in Palma burst into flames in spectacular fashion opposite the Cathedral yesterday morning. The EMT vehicle was travelling towards Porto Pi when the engine started emitting thick smoke. Other motorists started to sound their horns to advise the driver of the bus, who pulled over to the side of the road. The ten passengers on the bus got off and the driver tried to put out the fire with an extinguisher.

However the flames were too intense and he decided to wait for the arrival of the fire brigade.
In a question of minutes, the bus was destroyed.
Thankfully, the passengers were able to get off the bus safely and no-one was injured.
Numerous member of the Local Police and the Palma Fire Brigade attended the scene, as well as officials from the municipal transport company, EMT.
EMT has said that it will carry out an audit this afternoon of the private company, Asitsa, which is responsible for the maintenance of the municipal transport company's fleet.

The EMT boss, Fuensanta Paris, said that what had occurred had been sufficiently serious to seek explanations from Asitsa.
Paris said that the decision had been taken to take the matter up with the company once it had been learned that the bus had been destroyed within a matter of minutes.

Owing to the busy hour in which the accident happened, there were long tailbacks on the dual carriageway in Palma throughout the morning.
And it took a number of hours and a large police presence before traffic returned to normal.
Large crowds, including many tourists, were drawn to the spectacular scene, many taking photographs.