BLUE fin tuna may be extinct in five years if the fishing industry keeps up its present rate of activity, Pedro Barbadillo, journalist and documentary film producer said yesterday at the Palma Aquarium.

A presentation of Barbadillo's documentary “The fish with golden eggs” was made yesterday at the Aquarium. “We'll be saying goodbye to the blue fin tuna forever if there are no protection measures set up such as closed fishing seasons and exclusion zones,” warned Barbadillo.

Barbadillo is currently in the process of making another documentary film entitled “Inside sushi” in collaboration with IB3 and TV3 which is to have its premier in the autumn. “The eradication of one of the most perfect species of the animal kingdom is happening under our very noses,” claimed the director. “Everyone in the fishing industry knows that it's the end of the line for the tuna,” he added. “Fishermen just continue doing what they've done all their lives, but they're destroying their future at the same time.” Barbadillo praised the Balearic government for what he described as a “favourable attitude” towards creating a breeding ground for the tuna in coastal waters, a proposal which was rejected by Central Government because of conflict it would create with other European member states.

Japan is responsible for the demise of the tuna, he claimed, because 80 percent of catches are consumed there. The loss has to be fought on an international scale, Barbadillo said.