Palma.—Both tourist businesses and residents associations were voicing anger yesterday about the discovery of dead young sea bass and claimed that the fish had died as a result of the water level in the reserve.

Representatives of both businesses and neighbours joined forces to ask the regional Environment ministry to either dredge the canal or to open the flood gates so that more fresh water can pour in.

But the regional government who has spent more than 800'000 euros on the parkland project said that it would address the issue by adopting less drastic measures, but acknowledged that the slump in the water level had meant it contained less oxygen, resulting in the death of the fish..

Beach battle resumes
Meanwhile, the Port of Pollensa Residents' Association said yesterday that it is to present an appeal against the decision of the local council to award the beach management contract to a new company, F&A Beach.

The Association, which historically has been hiring out sunshades and sunbeds and other beach installations since 1973, said that the F&A Beach company administrator Gabriel Moranta had allegedly produced “false documentation” as part of the company's bid to secure the management contract.

If Pollensa Council refused to reconsider the award of contract, the Residents Association is not discounting going to tribunal over the matter.