MAJORCA is under attack from mosquitoes and spiders who have appeared earlier this year because of the unseasonally hot weather. “It is not normal to have so many insects at this time of the year,” said a spokesperson for the health department at the Palma city council yesterday. The council has been forced to take urgent action sending inspectors armed with biological sprays to humid areas in an effort to destroy breeding areas. The Playa de Palma, home to the popular tourist resorts of Arenal and Ca'n Pastilla is one of the of the areas of the city which has been worst affected by the mosquito plague. “The humid areas around Son Jordi,(next to the airport and close to the Playa de Palma) are important breeding grounds for mosquitoes,” said the council spokesperson, who called on the public to take all the necessary precautions. As regards spiders the council said that they were also targetting their breeding grounds.
The council said that they had received more than 100 calls so far this year from people complaining about mosquitoes and spiders.
May has been unseasonably hot with some of the highest temperatures on record. Earlier this month Sa Pobla reported a maximum temperature of almost 40 degrees, almost an all time record for May. The hot weather is also causing a few heachaches for the Gas and Electicity Board (GESA) whic has seen demand for eletricity rocket over the past few weeks as people turn on their air conditioning units. Demand for electricity has been gradually increasing the in the islands over the last five years largely because of the weather. Most homes in the islandshave air conditioning and central heating a state of affairs which was almost unheard off 10 years ago. The good weather is expected to continue throughout this week and into June.