AT the request of Binissalem town council, the Council of Majorca has altered municipal planning law which will make it impossible for a proposed golf course to be built on Binissalem's boundaries with Sencelles.

The idea for a the golf course at Son Saletes had originally been submitted by Ventura Rubí, the President of the Partido Popular (PP) in Sencelles.
With this fast-tracked change of planning law, Binissalem has become the first municipality in Majorca where legislation has been changed specifically to stop the construction of a golf course on any rural land within its boundaries.

The move had been previously discussed and approved by most political groups at the urging of the Majorcan Socialist Party (PP) in Binissalem but until yesterday, the backing of the Council of Majorca had been missing.

Meanwhile in the adjoining municipality of Sencelles, a motion had been passed by the local council last November - despite objections by the PP - that there should be a ban on building the golf course for a year to give a chance to conduct surveys on how the development would impact on the environment and to apply for fresh approval from the Council of Majorca. Even the PP on the Island Council were forced yesterday to recognise Binissalem council's rejection of the golf course.