Palma.—The Duke of Palma, Iñaki Urdangarin, who is married to the King of Spain's youngest daughter, Princess Cristina - is currently being investigated for his possible involvement in the diversion of public funds from the charitable sports foundation, the Nóos Institute he ran with his former business partner Diego Torres.

And Cristina is also in the firing line. Judge Jose Castro, who has already questioned the Duke twice, here in Palma, has recently turned his attention to the Princess and this month asked that the tax authorities provide him with a report on Cristina's property including non-property assets, investment funds, financial assets and deposits, according to a copy of the court order.

In April, Castro issued a ‘subpoena' for the Princess to appear in a Palma court but a successful appeal was lodged.
The 47-year-old princess had been due to have appeared for questioning by Judge Jose Castro on April 27. Previously both the judge and the prosecutor had agreed there was not enough cause to call the Princess in, for questioning, but Castro maintains that new information has changed his mind.

The judge said while there was no indication that the Princess took an active part in her husband's businesses, she was a board member on two of his companies and there was evidence she knew that Urdangarin used her name and status in his dealings, which benefitted both of them. Castro said such evidence could lead the Princess to be classified as “an accomplice”. The investigation centres, on whether her husband and his former business partner funneled about 5 million euros in public funds via the nonprofit Nóos Institute they ran into private businesses they controlled.

Yesterday, Castro said that he has asked the tax office to provide details about “ investments the Duke and Duchess of Palma may have overseas since 2002” indicating that he continues to suspect that the Princess possibly is an accomplice.