A T a recent ‘Conservatives Abroad meeting', I was chatting to a nice couple. We exchanged names, and made introductions, Oh, the lady said, “we know who you are”. Quite pleased with myself, thinking my political profile was growing, I smiled. “Yes”, she said, “ you're that woman who writes for the Daily Bulletin” Move over Jason Moore ! O N Thursday of this week, we had the monthly Pleno, ( Plenary session ), at the Town Hall. Of the many things debated or discussed, one is particularly of interest to Bulletin readers, as it was involving ‘public transport'. You may remember, several weeks ago, I did touch on this subject, as we had a visit from the Minister of the Environment, following the concerns that we had, regarding the amount of complaints we had received, and he came to explain the new plan. Public transport does not come directly under the Town Hall remit, so we need to consult with the Council of Majorca, thus Sr. Company paid us a visit and put our minds at rest, that changes would be made. Subsequently, I started to receive more and more mails, phone calls and comments, from residents, particularly from Son Ferrer and Costa de la Calma, regarding the changes to the bus routes which had inconvenienced many people. In addition, a public survey, carried out in the municipality, showed that many people were extremely satisfied with so many municipal services, but the bus service was sadly lacking. The Daily Bulletin letters to the editor page also had similar comments regarding bus routes. Time to take even more action. Our Mayor said very publicly that improving public transport was a “definite priority” and we would continue to liaise with the relevant entities in order to achieve this. Imagine our surprise, at the Pleno, when the opposition team decided to propose a motion to go to the Council of Majorca and ask for changes. Of course, we said, in fact, let's do a joint motion and tackle this problem with a united front, it's what the people need right now. Oh no, they weren't having that, no joint motions, it had to be their motion, and we had a choice of raising our hands with them or going against it. Obviously our hands went up, this was no time for paying just lip service to anything, action was needed. And therefore the motion was carried unanimously and we shall approach the Council of Majorca, in Palma, and hope for the change that is much required. In the meantime, thank you for all of the comments and updates. I shall keep you posted.

W HAT a fabulous day we had last Sunday, at the ‘Rotary Anniversary lunch', held at ‘Mood Beach'. The Rotary guys are great sports, as they allowed me to read out a poem that I had written, for the occasion. Albeit tongue in cheek and just a little bit playful in parts, the end message was an important one, as it paid tribute to the immense amount of work that Rotary do for others. Everyone was in good spirits, and fun and banter were high on the agenda. A sunny day and a gorgeous venue were a definite bonus. Happy Anniversary Rotary! M Y friends and also ‘Rotarians', Derek and Lorraine New, had reason to spend time at Son Espases hospital recently. Unfortunately Lorraine suffered a detached retina, and had to undergo eye surgery. Derek explained to me, that had this been in the U.K. he did not think they would have received such ‘prompt specialist treatment'. The Santa Ponsa PAC clinic referred them straight away to Son Espases, where Lorraine had the operation. They asked me to write about it, because they were so impressed with the treatment and care that Lorraine had. The doctors kept them fully informed, the place was absolutely modern and spotless, and their minds were immediatley put at rest, despite Lorraine being obviously apprehensive and a little bit worried. Directly after the operation the eye surgeon came out to talk to Derek, and reassure him that it had gone very well. She is now making a full recovery, and they can not praise Son Espases highly enough. Excellent stuff and good to hear.

I have not spoken, for some time, about the ‘Residencia card', but that doesn't mean to say it has been forgotten. To be truthful, collectively, the International Community of Calvia ( and sometimes other areas of Majorca ) only ask me for three things. One is to help get the old credit card style residencia card, with a photograph, on it. Another is to make changes for better care at the ‘cat and dog shelter' in Calviá, and the other is to rid the streets of prostitution and muggings. Not easy, as you know, 2 of these issues depend on other official bodies, but we are on the case with all 3 things. There have been several meetings about the animals and positive changes are coming into play. The requested change of law, to making prostitution and soliciting illegal, is in the hands of the Ministry of Justice and we are hopeful for a good outcome. The Residencia card is complex, we have already been to the Delegacion de Gobierno offices, in Palma, to no avail, as this is an E.U. issue. So it looks like our next stop may be Brussels. We are not giving up that easily. I will let you know the plan very soon.

W ORRIED residents of Son Ferrer have contacted myself and my Son Ferrer colleague, Councillor Carmen Morano, hugely worried about the effects of the mobile phone ariels situated on top of a central building in the neighbourhood. Sadly some residents have been diagnosed with cancer, some have passed away, and there was a certain amount of understandable panic in the neighbourhood. Lots of people were convinced that there was a connection between the waves emitted by the ariels and the ‘diagnoses' of these poor people. It was extremely worrying. Specialist tests have since been carried out, and the intensity of the emissions has been measured. It seems that they came well within the safe limits established by the Ministry of the enviroment. It's a complicated state of affairs, but I hope we can be reassured by the recent findings.

C ALVIA Town Hall recently announced that benefits and incentives for businesses within the tourism sector will be introduced soon. Businesses that stay open for longer, create new jobs, extend existing contracts. or that contribute, in some way to the lengthening of the tourist season, will be entitled for refunds of up to 95% on some of their municipal taxes. This is excellent news, and has been received with open arms by business owners who have been asking for, for incentives of this type. A step in the right direction, of the ongoing objective of getting Calvia back on the winter tourism map. I will have more information on how to apply, as soon as I can.

The wedding season is here, another wedding this weekend.
Have a great time whatever you are doing ! Angie