THE Port of Pollensa Hoteliers Assocation has withdrawn its support from a protest march planned by citizens and business groups in the area to demand improvements to facilities and tourist attractions.

Although the association had given its verbal approval to complaints being made by local people over the fact that the Port was beginning to take on a “rundown” air and that terrace taxes for bars and cafés were some of the highest in the north of the island, it said in a statement yesterday that each of the protesting groups should “act as they see fit.”

However, the hoteliers association said that its eyes were not closed to the fact that the Port is currently suffering from lack of “inspiration” in terms of offering quality tourist attractions. “We have been voicing our concerns for months now to both the regional Tourism ministry and Pollensa town council,” the group said. The hoteliers association has put measures in place to hold meetings on a permanent basis with local residents and businesses.