THE Workers Commission in the Balearics (CCOO) said yesterday that it was extremely concerned by the recently released report confirming that 66'789 people remain unemployed in the region. It claimed that the figures were the highest for the month of May in the last 10 years and reflected a 83.29 percent increase in the number of jobless in year-on-year-terms.

CCOO claimed that 26 percent of those without work in the Islands were foreigners. Employment Policy Secretary Rafael Borras said that he wants to see Central Government set up a special Economy and Employment pact to make sure that people who are without work and have no recourse to benefit claim can still be assured of something to eat and a roof over their heads. Borras also said that the government needs to create fresh employment through an altered social model which doesn't depend on periodic construction booms. Borras said that people who are suffering most in economic terms in the Balearics at the moment are those who are trying to get a job but have never actually had one - principally the young. Unemployment figures for foreign workers in the region, he said, have spiralled by 121.6 percent in the space of a year.