MAXIMUM temperatures have risen significantly in the Balearics over the past few days. The change was noticed particularly on Monday when increases of between 0.5 and 5 degrees Centigrade were registered within just 24 hours at different points around the Islands.

The National Weather Agency (AEMET) said yesterday that the highest temperature recorded on Monday was at Sa Pobla where thermometers reached 33.4 degrees, 3.4 higher than the previous day and 8.3 degrees higher than the maximum temperature recorded the previous Friday.

The Agency's delegate in the Balearics, Agusti Jansa said yesterday that the high temperatures over the past few days “are not normal” for the time of year. He said however, that this trend of it being unusually warm in May and June has been continuing for the last few years. “May and June are much more summery in terms of temperature than they were 30 years ago,” he claimed.

The high temperatures, he explained, are due to climate change which has generated the effect of “cutting spring short and launching into an early summer.” Yesterday's maximum temperature at Palma airport was 29.5 degrees Centigrade, 4.7 degrees higher than the previous day and 5 degrees up on the temperature last Friday.

At the weather station at Lluc monastery, thermometer readings yesterday showed 25.8 degrees, only 0.5 higher than the previous day but 6.6 degrees up on temperatures last Friday.

Jansa said that although temperatures are expected to come down somewhat today, they may well soar again over the next few days. “Long term forecasts predict a hotter than normal summer,” he said.