NEW tensions opened up yesterday between the ruling coalition on Palma Council and the Partido Popular (PP) and Majorcan Unionist (UM) opposition over the salary cut envisaged for the Mayor, Aina Calvo.

A cut of 9 percent for Calvo had been agreed last week by the Balearic Federation of Municipal Councillors (FEMP) but a combined vote yesterday by the PP and the UM on Palma City Council forced the Mayor to accept a 10 percent reduction.

According to Palma's PP spokesman, Julio Martinez, this further 1 percent cut in Calvo's salary is a “protest” because the council's ruling coalition had made a public issue of the salary cuts last Thursday. The move came despite the fact that municipal councillors had reportedly agreed to reach consensus amongst themselves and not flaunt the cuts in the limelight like a political “game show.” The PP and UM also felt the Mayor should set an example with a higher cut.

The ruling team on the City Council were highly critical of the opposition move saying if they were prepared to knock another 1 percent of Calvo's salary, perhaps the PP should look to further docking the pay of their high earning Calvia Mayor, Carlos Delgado.