ON the eve of a protest organised by local residents and businesses over the rundown state of the Port of Pollensa, yet more complaints were pouring in yesterday, on this occasion related to bad car parking management
Bartomeu Cifre, spokesman for the Majorcan Socialists in opposition on Pollensa Town Council, claimed that parking arrangments in the Port are “very badly managed.”

Cifre said that for a long time now, parking places existing on the road skirting the Port have been ignored and he proposed that the town council built pedestrian crossings which would connect the outer road with the centre of the town. “When the council was getting “Plan E” funding from Central Government for public building works, we said to the ruling team in Pollensa that they should take advantage of the money to build these pedestrian crossings but we were told that it was not a priority,” said Cifre. “They've now been left to pay for the problem themselves,” he declared.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Pollensa, Joan Cerdà, said yesterday that the parking area down by “La Gola” natural park is now open to the public. “All visitors who want to support or take part in the protest today will be able to make use of the facilities,” he said.