THE Alcudia town council, with the help of the Balearic government and the support of the local hoteliers, wants to build a huge spa and sports centre on council-owned land. It will cover an area of 10'000 square metres, making it the biggest one of its kind in Majorca and one of the biggest in Spain.
The land is behind the Hotel Mississippi, in the lakes area.
The first stage will cost 3.6 million euros and will be submitted to the government for finance under the plan to promote year-round tourism.
The second stage, which will cost three million euros, will not be included, as the council will seek finance from private enterprise.
Mayor Miquel Ferrer said that the spa would be open 12 months a year, and the waters could be used by 400 people at the same time.
He said he hoped it would be popular for weekend breaks.
He stressed that the council had the full backing of the hoteliers, with whom it recently set up a consortium for promoting the area abroad.
The government is expected to discuss the project this weekend.
The Lakes area is popular with tourists and has easy access.