THE Tax office has so far made 36'000 returns, amounting to 26 million euros, to people in the Balearics who have submitted their annual income statements (IRPF). All this has been achieved in less than a month since the income returns period came into force on 3 May last.
According to the central government delegation representing the Inland Revenue on the Islands, this information reflects an increase of 80 percent in comparison with the same period of the previous year. As at 27 May, 58'000 people had presented their income declarations, 70 percent more than in the same period in 2003.
The Internet had been used to send in 26'000 of them, a figure which represents 45 percent of the total.
Furthermore, nearly one in every 5 declarations (12'000) were pre-calculated drafts sent by the Tax office to the contributor, who merely had to agree and return in order to officially lodge the declaration. This innovative system has been introduced for the first time this tax year end. So far, the Inland Revenue has sent out 81'000 draft declarations; and 62'000 sets of tax data to the contributors who asked for the draft declaration, but proved ineligible as they failed to comply with pre-requisite conditions. The time period to submit income declarations began on 3 May and will finish on 1 July. These deadlines apply as much to those who owe money to the Inland Revenue as for those who are due refunds. Across the country, the Inland Revenue this year estimates receiving 15.2 million declarations (600'000 more than in 2003), of which nearly 11.5 million (75 percent) will have the right to a refund.
Major investment in Palma's electricity supply
THE electricity supply company in the Balearic Islands, Gesa, has invested 2'110'000 euros on the reform of the Coliseu sub station in Palma, which provides power to 34'376 clients of various areas in both the centre and the suburbs of the city. According to the company yesterday, the extension and improvement works on the sub station will go on steadily throughout the current year, without causing interruptions in the power supply to customers. It is one of the main electrical installations of Palma, with 44 kilometres of underground supply lines and 198 distribution centres. The company highlight the fact that they will be doubling the high tension cable circuit which will guarantee better operational flexibility and improve the quality of supply.