ONCE again, hundreds of immigrants spent the night queuing outside the National Police Station, to make sure that they would be given an appointment to present papers for the Unified Card for Foreigners, which will show that they are here legally. But police commissioner Alfonso Jiménez said yesterday, that there was no need to queue. He explained that the office opened at 8am and by 1pm there was no queue in sight. Anyone arriving at that time, he said, would not have had to wait at all. He added that on Wednesday night he spoke to several people in the queue, explaining this.
Many of the immigrants, however, think otherwise.
Some are unable to take a morning off work, and so want to be first in the queue.
First of all the immigrants and their employers are informed by letter that their situation has been regulated. Then they have to be registered with the Social Security, after which they stand in line for an appointment, and finally can present their papers.