BALEARIC Environmental Watchdog, GOB, yesterday applauded a court decision to declare housing development at Cala Llamp illegal but said that it hopes the politicians who granted the licence in the first place would be “made to pay for its demolition”.The ecologist group was making reference to the term of office of former Andratx Mayor, Eugenio Hidalgo, pictured, who has since been arrested on corruption charges and stripped of his title. In 2005, Hidalgo granted a licence for the constrution of 24 multi-storey houses with swimming pool and parking facilities at Cala Llamp. The issuing of the construction permit was an infringement of planning law. “The court sentence,” said GOB president Macia Blazquez yesterday, “is the first occasion on which the Town Council has been ordered to restore the land to its former condition.” The illegal building license was allegedly issued in a record period of 15 days. It was GOB who had taken the initiative and opposed the project, eventually taking out a legal complaint against Andratx Town Council and the Council of Majorca. The Court decision has yet to be passed by the Balearic High Court but GOB remains hopeful the ruling will be passed.