Palma.— The Red Cross in the Balearics has contracted 135 professional lifeguards to watch over the safety of bathers on the Islands' beaches this summer.

As it does every year, the Red Cross is contributing significantly to the safety of both the Islands' coastal resorts and out of the way beaches by having more than 100 lifeguards at the ready during the tourist season. The number of coastal sites at which lifeguards are posted has risen this year to 41, of which 23 are on Majorca, 6 on Minorca and 12 on Ibiza.

These dedicated professionals will be keeping a vigilant watch over beach users right up until the end of October.
Reporting on its activities last summer, the Balearic Red Cross said that it gave assistance to nearly 5'000 people who needed help either in the water or First Aid on the beach.

More than half this number required assistance because they had been stung by jellyfish or because of cuts and bruises (1'206 and 55 respectively.) There were also 77 rescues of bathers and boats and 70 lost children were returned to their parents or carers.

The Red Cross lifeguard and medical teams also have to be prepared to liaise with Local Police if people are not abiding by local bylaws, such as insisting on playing sporting games in clearly unauthorised areas and reporting on situations of perceived risk such as boats and other floating objects endangering bathers.