Pollensa.—The company which has been awarded the contract for the management of the beach in the Port of Pollensa has confirmed to the local council that the second hand sunshades and sunbeds it has set up are “just temporary” and that the public is not being charged for their use.

Gabriel Moranta, a company spokesman gave assurances that new material - between 700 and 800 new beds and shades - is arriving today.
He said that the second hand equipment had been put up as an interim measure so that tourists had somewhere to sit and shelter, but there was no charge being made for the use.

The statement comes in the wake of accusations by the previous beach managers, the Residents Association in the Port of Pollensa, who recently made an official complaint that the terms and conditions of the new management contract with F&A Beach had been broken as the wording specifically states that new beach equipment should be used. Meanwhile, the Residents' Association is further complaining that there are posters up on the beach listing charges higher than those which have been approved by the Council.