Palma.—Cameron's May Bank Holiday week-long trip to Ibiza with the wife and children caused plenty of controversy in the UK coming just days after the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich but even some of his fiercest critics on his own back bench came to his defense.

And yesterday, the opposition Labour Party tried to push the issue further during Prime Minister's Question Time, however Cameron had harsh words for his critics.

Speaking at his first session of prime minister's questions in six weeks, Cameron said: “I know that I've been the one on holiday in Ibiza but they have been the ones taking – how can I put it – policy-altering substances. Last week they were in favour of child benefit, now they are against child benefit. Then they were in favour of winter fuel allowance. Now they want to abolish winter fuel allowance. “Only this morning we find out that they may not go ahead with this policy of scrapping child benefit. I think the truth is that the leader of the opposition is allowed to make coffee for the shadow chancellor but he can't tell him what the policy is.” Senior Tory MP and the longest serving in the House, Sir Roger Gale, who has been a critic of Cameron in the past, told the Bulletin that, “on balance” the Prime Minister did the right thing. “Even I go away to France but thanks to modern technology I am in constant contact with my team back home and am dealing with all urgent issues. You don't have to be in Number 10 round the clock to the run the country. I am sure, I know, he will be in Ibiza with his closest advisors and in constant contact with Number 10,” Sir Roger said. “We must respect he has a young family and is entitled to a holiday just like anyone else, or else he will run the risk of burn out,” Sir Roger added. “He was between a rock and a hard place.” Apart from the traditional café pose for the pictures, Cameron and the family kept a very low profile during their holiday in Ibiza unlike last Summer when they came to Majorca and spent every day mingling on the beach with fellow British holiday makers in the Port of Pollensa.