Palma.—The former President of the Council of Majorca, and the now defunct Majorcan Unionist Party, Maria Antonia Munar, returned to court yesterday for the first day of another hearing in which she and a number of other high ranking politicians f rom her former party are also implicated.

Sitting alongside her on the bench was the former party vice-president and Balearic Tourism Minister, Miguel Nadal and two of her former Councilors, Bartomeu Vicens and Miguel Angel Flaquer.

The Can Domenge case revolves around the decision by the Council of Majorca to sell a huge development plot in Palma on which 600 homes were to be built to a company which was offering half the asking price.

The company which lost out on the contract pressed charges over the deal and after a six year investigation, the court case opened in Palma yesterday with the prosecution recommending that each of the suspects be sentenced to six years in jail if found guilty. Over recent weeks, the case has taken some interesting turns, Vicens has apparently admitted that bribes were apparently involved and paid to certain members of the Council of Majorca and yesterday, just three days after Munar sacked her defense lawyer, the prosecution called for more precautionary measures be taken against Munar to prevent her from fleeing the country.

They maintain that she sacked her lawyer because she is either planning to flee or tamper with evidence - accusations which she categorically denied.
Precautionary measures were already taken out on Munar when she appeared in court in 2010 for her alleged involvement in another corruption case and her passport was seized and bail set at 350'00 euros.

Today, however, the prosecution is expected to push ahead with its appeal for tighter controls on the former President of the Council of Majorca.