MICHAEL Douglas was instrumental in the rescue of a rambler who had spent the night trapped in the cliffs at S'Estaca (Valldemossa), just above the home of the Hollywood actor and director. Ignacio de la Vega, 50, of Son Armadans, had gone walking in the mountains, accompanied by his dog, on Wednesday afternoon.
But he became trapped in the rocks and, as night fell, was unable to move. He had a sleeping bag and tied himself to a tree.
He had been out of range for use of his mobile phone although he did manage to get a message through to his brother.
But before the brother could ring the emergency services, Vega's shouts for help and the dog's barking were heard by Douglas, who was out for an early-morning walk. Douglas immediately called the emergency services and estate workers, and the rescue operation was set in motion.
The municipal police were first to arrive and aided by civil defence workers managed to rescue Vega, without the need for the Guardia Civil helicopter. Douglas watched the rescue operation and later showed an interest in the state of Vega's health.