THE country estate where the Natural Monument of Ses Fonts Ufanes is located, will finally be bought by the Balearic Government, which will mean that residents can now visit this impressive natural spring. The Balearic Institute for Water and the Coast (IBAL), a public company, will be paying 3.35 million euros for this land and estate in Campanet, confirmed the Ministry for the Environment yesterday. The Minister for the Environment, Jaume Font, yesterday explained at a press conference that this agreement was reached at a Balearic Government meeting. Therefore, the government will acquire the Gabelli Petit country estate and surrounding 44.91 hectares of land, with help from the European Union.
The European Union have granted 2.4 million euros from community FEDER funds.
This purchase will put an end to all the problems that have been caused by this once privately owned estate. Access to Ses Fonts Ufanes was only allowed for the owners of the estate, but now the access will be open to all, said Jaume Font. This part of Campanet is a “natural, singular and unique phenomenon in Majorca”, added the Minister for the Environment.
The natural spring only surfaces after heavy rain, and this fact makes it the only one in the Balearic Islands.
Now residents can take a trip to this spring and see for themselves how the natural phenomenon works.
It was declared a Natural Monument on 28 August 2001, by a decree from the Council of Majorca. Furthermore the country estate will now belong to the public patrimony and also boosts some natural assets, such as the holm oak trees.