SON Moll beach in Capdepera remained closed to bathers yesterday after broken pipes poured untreated sewage out into a dry river bed which leads down to the sea.

Technicians from Capdepera council were working continuously on shoring up the broken piping which runs to the sewage treatment plant at Cala Rajada and on clearing the dry river bed, or torrent. If their progress is successful, said a town hall spokesman, then the bathers may be able to go back into the water today.

Nevertheless, he added, the barrier tape which currently prevents would-be bathers entering the water won't be lifted until all signs of untreated effluent have been removed from the beach. The restrictions he said, are to ensure that swimmers don't have any contact whatsoever with contaminated water.

On Wednesday, when the accident first happened, the Balearic Water Quality Agency (ABAQUA) which is responsible for the management of the sewage treatment plant at Cala Rajada, rushed to the scene to block the broken pipe and to ferry all remaining untreated water by road to the plant in tanker lorries.

Another sewage spill happened the same day on a beach on Ibiza, also because of broken piping.