Palma.— The President of the Council of Majorca, Francina Armengol was yesterday making a positive assessment of the last four year term of office prior to her handing over to the Partido Popular later this month.

Armengol claimed that her incoming replacement, Maria Salom, would not have a hard time taking the reins of power because the outgoing Socialists had apparently managed to settle “a number of outstanding accounts”.

During the last meeting of the Council of Majorca, at which only minor matters were dealt with, Armengol had thanked all councillors - both those who were about to take up power and those who were about to leave - for the work that they had done over the last four years. She said everyone had “done their best”.

At the same time, the outgoing president also gave an apology to citizens of the Balearics for any moments when the Council under her leadership had not after the expulsion of the Majorcan Unionists from the key institutions of the measured up to expectations. She insisted that although her team had successfully put in place many positive policies for the island, the economic crisis had reportedly made it ‘very difficult' to carry through their programme for social and environmental change.

Armengol pointed out that in February 2010, the government pact was broken Islands and the remaining two associates, the Balearic Socialists and the Bloc were obliged to govern in a minority.

Armengol said that during its term of office, the Council of Majorca under her leadership had always been a true example of a governing team bent on dialogue and consensus. She applauded the courage that the Councillors had shown.

She said that she felt very proud of some of the decions that she had taken, particularly in relation to policy which would ensure the conservation of Majorcan territory such as the abolition of so-called ARTs which enabled tracts of land to be converted to urban or rural land according to political expediency.