Palma.—Spaniards are more worried about unemployment and the economic crisis than corruption and fraud by the authorities, according to a recent survey. The study, conducted in the beginning of May, shortly after the announcement by the government that the number of people out of work in Spain had hit an all time record high of 6.2 million, in the first quarter of 2013, shows that over 82% of the population rate these figures as more important than the economic crisis (35%) and corruption (31%).

In fourth place in the list of problems that citizens are most concerned about is their place in social class hierarchy (30%), ahead of health issues (10%), education (6.3%), banks (4.5%) and property repossessions (4%).

The monarchy and government's relations with the Basque terrorist organisation ETA also figured on that list, while 90% agreed that the country's economy was poor or very poor, with only 1% say the economy is well.

Amongst the unemployed the figures reveal that over 65% have little hope of finding a job.
The findings clash with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's claims over the weekend that Spain had turned the corner and that the country was finally on the road to recovery.