THE “Crawler” boat, owned by a Italian company but with a Panama flag, has finished its work near the Tramuntana coast, where it has been placing water pipes between the Font de sa Costera and the Port of Soller. This is truly a pioneering project for the 130 metre boat which is under the direction of a Greek captain.
So far 9.6 kilometres of water pipes have been placed at an average rhythm of 500 metres per day. The boat works 24 hours a day on a shift system.
The boat has placed 800 tubes down on the seabed, which each measure 12 metres long and manufactured by a company in Dunkirk. This boat may even be operated when there are 7 metre waves. Although 9.6 kilometres of pipes have been installed in a matter of weeks, the truth is that project will not be finished until the end of 2006. There is 45 kilometres to go until the pipes reach the end point in Son Pacs, Palma. The budget for this project is 56.4 million euros and has been financed by the Ministry for the Environment.
Independent from the “Crawler's” activity, is the work that is going on in the Sa Costera area. This area has been changed and now a big hole on the Tramuntana coastline has been left behind. The water source at sa Costera is high on the coastline, above the natural waterfall that falls into the sea, which is enjoyed by hikers.
Work is not being carried out at the waterfall but a little further away. An iron chest has been built, which is where the water pipe will start at the source and bend down into the sea to start it's long journey to Palma. This chest will be covered over in stone to dampen the visual impact. When all the work has been finished it will be difficult to see the sa Costera that many locals have known and loved.