by Staff Reporter
THE Palma city council has closed down a large airport car park, on the grounds that it is making an illegal use of rustic land.
Juan José Fernando, manager of the planning department, confirmed that the installations had been closed on Thursday.
He said that last year, his department had drawn up a decree ordering the closure of the premises. However, he explained that the order had not been carried out because of the special characteristics of the facility.
He added that it was not a conventional rent a car firm, but a firm which had a plot of land on which people who had to make a journey could leave their vehicle, picking up the vehicle on their return. It was, he said, hiring out parking spaces.
At the moment, there are between 1'800 and 2'000 vehicles on the land.
Because of this, yesterday, the planning department decided to allow the premises to open for a period of five days only.
This was done to cause as little inconvenience as possible to the owners of the cars, Ferrando said. After the five day period, the council will give the owner a breathing space of a few weeks in order to empty the plot entirely.