MAYOR of Palma Catalina Cirer made a tour of the courtyards in the historical centre of Palma which have been opened to the public prior to the feast of Corpus Christi, which will be celebrated with a procession on Sunday. She was accompanied by deputy mayor Francisca Bennasar, who is in charge of tourism and promotion, and councillor Maria José Frau.
The party, accompanied by the guides who lead the tours which have commentaries in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and German, visited the most representative courtyards including Cal Marques de la Torre, Can Bordils and Can Ordinas. The Mayor visited 18 courtyards in all, describing them as “works of art.” Each courtyard has different characteristics which make them unique.
This year, 57 courtyards have been opened to the public, although only 18 of them are included in the guided tour.
Full details of them can be obtained from the Visitors Centre in the Estudi General Luliano in Calle Sant Roc 4.
Nearly 1'000 people visited them last year, and Cirer commented on the fact that “although they are so close to each other, they are all so different.” The Mayor went on to say that “it is important to take advantage of a religious festivity such as Corpus Christi, adding a cultural component, and showing off the architectural heritage, which is very important for visitors.” She added that it is a good excuse to organise cultural events and excursions, to open up the city, at least during certain times of the year, so that people can get to know the heritage. “Corpus Christi is a traditional fiesta, we have not invented anything, we have simply improved it with new contributions,” Cirer said.
The contributions include concerts in the courtyards, a different one each evening, starting at 9pm.
Tonight's will be in the college of the Trinitarians in Calle Concepción and it will be given by Mireia Fornells Rosello, piano, and Isaac Rodriguez, clarinet. Tomorrow it will be the Es Lap Sax Quartet in the Passeig per l'Artesania, behind Calle Sindicato.
On Thursday, there will be a violin and piano concert at Can Espanya Serra in Calle Portella.
The concerts will end on Sunday, when the Balearic Symphony Orchestra will play at the Almudaina Palace.
The guided tours in English will be given at 11am tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 5.30pm today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.