By Humphrey Carter

THE family of British holiday representative Jacqueline Tennant who went missing in Majorca on October 8 last year is continuing with its quest to find out what happened to the 45-year-old in Majorca.

Jacqueline's sister Monique has been leading the campaign to find her sister from day one and was back in Palma yesterday chasing up the latest developments and continuing to lobby the police and local authorities not to abandon the case.

She is also still waiting for mobile telephone company Movistar to carry out a more accurate and precise search on her sister's mobile phone signal.
But, despite having being issued with an order from the court in Inca handling the case, Movistar has done nothing.
Jacqueline received a call on her mobile while hiking at midday on October 8 and the court wants a more exact search carried out to try and locate Jacqueline when she receive that call.

In the meantime, Monique has hired a private detective to review the case so far and has also lodged her sister as missing with the UK based but globally operational group Missing People.

Last month the Bulletin reported that she had written to the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, in a bid to draw his attention to her plight and Monique said yesterday that the Prime Minister's office has replied to say that it will be looking at the case.

The Foreign Office has also pledged support and the British Consulate in Palma continues to provide Monique and her family with vital help and guidance.

The search for Jacqueline has already been covered by the BBC and now GMTV is studying the case and Interpol are monitoring how the Majorcan police are handling the case.

Monique is not giving up. “She's my sister, we all love her and we want to know what happened to her. “It's been a very stressful time and very frustrating at times - all the red tape and language complications- but I'm not giving up until we know what happened. “I don't care what size, shape or form we find her. I just have to find out what happened to my sister,” Monique said yesterday. All of Monique's savings have been ploughed in to the hunt and she is now dependent on her salary and donations to keep up the search and the campaign's momentum.

She has also linked up with a fund which raises money for these kinds of cases. “I will be back next week to see the judge in Inca and, depending on what the detective has uncovered, we're considering another search and we're looking for volunteers. “We have someone organising a few in Alcudia but we would like to be contacted by any hikers willing to help the search once we decide to launch it,” she said. “We're going back to the Formentor area for sure and hopefully by then Movistar will have come up with the information which could lead me to my sister,” she said in Palma yesterday.