By Humphrey Carter

THE “NorthSouthEastWest” exhibition which opened in the centre of Palma last week highlights the global reasons why Britain's top international companies are thinking green.

This touring exhibition, which can be seen for free in Palma's new public transport station in the Plaza d'España until July 12, has been organised by the British Council and is part of its work with The Climate Group and involves photography from the Magnum Photographic Agency. The exhibition pictures real examples of our changing climate and the effects can be clearly viewed in many countries with images of extreme weather events; trends in arctic ice cap thickness; observed glacier retreats; poor urban air quality; environmental refugees; lack of available water; and impacts on biodiversity.

The exhibition also looks at energy efficiency; renewable energy; fuel cell technology; combined heat and power plants; effective public transport systems; carbon capture and storage; carbon offsetting; and emissions trading. Finally, it looks at people, the faces and voices that are making a difference to our changing climate.

Apart from being extremely informative and thought provoking, the exhibition is also special because ten of the world's top photographers from the famous Magnum Photographic Agency were commissioned to capture images from ten diverse countries around the world to illustrate the impact of climate change.

These photographers were also asked to chronicle the range of solutions to reduce carbon emissions in communities from the north, south, east and west of the globe.

This has produced some inspiring images, which detail the resourceful ways in which these communities have adapted.
For those interested in seeing the exhibition, if arriving by train, it is mounted to the left of the underground station, or conversely, to your right when you go down the escalators.