By Howard Mullen POLLENSA

IT hardly seems possible that the new Chaplain to the St Andrews Congregation in Puerto Pollensa has been here for only a week.
Canon Mel Smith and his wife Kasia arrived a week ago, and seem to have become part of the congregation already.

Mel has moved from working with the Bishop of Worcester in the U.K. as Diocesan Parish Development Officer. He was born in the Potteries and has worked in various parishes throughout the Black Country. Mel and Kasia have two children, Chris and Helen, and they became proud grandparents for the first time last year. Rev. Robert Ellis, Anglican Chaplain to Majorca said, “Mel is a very experienced priest and we are very lucky to have him in our team on the island. He brings a wealth of parish experience and a breadth of vision which is vital in an ex-pat community. Perhaps most importantly he has a sense of humour, and a lightness of touch, which is vital in our line of work.” Watching Mel and Kasia with the St Andrews congregation on Sunday, it was obvious that they are already having an impact on the community.
Mel told the Bulletin: “My wife, Kasia, and I have thoroughly enjoyed our first week in the North of Majorca and we've already met a lot of lovely people here in Puerto Pollensa. “I've been a priest for thirty-eight years, and I continue to count it a joy and a privilege to lead worship, especially the Eucharist. “I am a natural enthusiast and I don't believe worship is meant to be tedious or repetitive – nor need it be! I do believe that Jesus expects us to gather at his altar-table to offer thanks and praise. So - I invite everyone to join me and the people of St Andrew's at 9am on Sunday in the Parish Church at Port Pollensa to celebrate our lives within the life of the God who loves us to bits. “In my previous post, much of my time was spent running development programmes with congregations across the Diocese of Worcester. I used to say to them, ‘You'll do things I'm not used to and I'll do things you're not used to. As long as we forgive each other, we'll work well together.' It's the same in Puerto Pollensa, I think. I can't hope to fulfil everyone's expectations; I don't know people's issues unless they tell me – I'm not a mind reader! And the congregation and I have a shared responsibility to be the Anglican Church in this place.” Welcome to Majorca Mel and Kasia.