Calvia.—After a stormy week the prayers offered to the Gods were answered in spades; the sun shone endlessly attracting record crowds to the Mallorca Cricket Club Summer Fayre on Sunday afternoon.

The only clouds were clouds of pink, the colour synonymous with the Walk for Life which got underway just after two o'clock. Led by radio presenter Laura Penn, the enthusiastic and eclectic throng of glamorous girls, senior citizens, assorted dogs, kids on bikes and roller blades, and babies in prams trooped off on a 5k walk to raise funds for Cancer Research.

Their altruistic efforts paid dividends raising an impressive 4'000 euros.
The party atmosphere continued throughout the afternoon when local artistes, Nicki Stixx, Izzie Newman and Vinnie Scott sang their socks off all in the name of charity.

The children had a field day enjoying the many activities, competing in races and embracing the art of ‘Wellie Wanging'.