EIGHTY percent of the hotels in the municipality of Palma will take on the functions of tourist information offices this summer, providing information to guests on aspects of public transport. By the end of the year, this service, organised in collaboration with the municipal bus company EMT, will be extended to include information on the activities organised by the city council. Alvaro Gijon, the councillor in charge of transport, signed an agreement yesterday with Francisco Garcia, chairman of the Cala Mayor and Sant Agustin hoteliers association, under which the clipper cards for ten bus rides will be sold at the hotels. Guests will be encouraged to use public transport and will be offered full information on routes and times.
Gijón said that new maps will be printed, as well as a leaflet on the tourist train, the route of which will be extended to Es Carnatge. An extra four buses will be put on the Number 15 route, he added. Francisca Bennassar, the councillor in charge of tourism, thanked the EMT for its efforts to enable tourists to enjoy the same services as residents. “We do not apply one policy for tourists and another for residents,” she said, adding that transport is an essential part of the tourist policy.