By Humphrey Carter MAGALLUF and Palmanova bar and cafe owners have unanimously rejected Calvia council's “unfair and discriminating” England World Cup policing and public security plan while the British travel industry is saddened by the local authority's attitude. This evening, bar and cafe owners in the two “conflict zones” in Magalluf and Palmanova will be holding talks with Calvia council in a bid to thrash out a “fair or more flexible” deal. Pepe Tirado, the president of FECOTUR, the association which represents many of those involved in the tourist entertainment industry in the area, said yesterday that Tuesday night's meeting of members, which he called to outline the council's restrictions, during England games only, was “tense and the decree was unanimously thrown out on the grounds of discrimination. The members are not having it, they're not happy,” he said. “It's either one law for all or not at all,” he added. Sean Tipton, spokesperson for ABTA, said “it's a shame that the Calvia authorities are penalising England fans when in recent years their reputation abroad has improved considerably and football related incidents are now very rare. “In fact, fans from Germany, Holland and Poland are now regarded as considerably more problematic than the English. “Having said that, it is understandable that in light of problems which have occurred in years gone by, that they would want to avoid any repetitions.” The English Football Association declined to comment as it is a “local authority matter”. As the Bulletin reported yesterday, on England match days only, bars and cafes in the “conflict zones” will only be able to serve drinks in plastic glasses between 2pm and midnight while liquor outlets will not be allowed to sell alcohol in bottles an hour before the match, during the game and an hour after the final whistle. POLICE No television or big screens are allowed to be put on the terraces and no interior television screens can be visible from the outside of the premises. What is more, a total of 70 police will be on patrol, 40 members of the Local Police and 30 members of the Guardia Civil. Unless, or until, Calvia council offers a more acceptable and relaxed World Cup plan to the targeted bar and cafe owners, they face the threat of heavy fines for failing to comply with the England match restrictions, but it would appear that the entertainment sector in Majorca's largest holiday resort is determined to stick by the red card they have shown the local authority.