RAMON Socias, the central government representative in the Balearics, has questioned the figures released by Balearic minister of the interior, José María Rodríguez, who claimed that last year, the islands had the highest crime rate in Spain, as reported in Tuesday's Bulletin. Socias said yesterday that in fact, crime had gone down in the islands and he accused Rodríguez of being “alarmist.” He also said that there were more police than ever on the island. Rodriguez was not slow to reply, and stood by his earlier report about the high rate of crime. He said offences had not only not gone down, but had increased by two per cent. He added that he appreciated the efforts by the central government to increase the number of Guardia Civil and National Police officers on the islands, but asked Socias to take into account the number who leave as well as those who arrive, when quoting figures.