Palma.—Partido Popular leader and future President of the Balearic Islands, Jose Ramon Bauza, said yesterday that before he could lay the foundations of a new economic policy, he needed to see the results of audits being carried out at all levels of regional government.

Bauza was speaking at the official constitution of the new Balearic Parliament in Palma at which he, along with 58 other people were sworn in as MPs. “The first and most important thing,” claimed Bauza, “is to know what the real financial state of affairs is.” “Only then,” he said, “after determining that starting point, can we devise a proper response.” When asked if he doubted the accounts that had been handed over to him by the previous Balearic government, Bauza answered that he “simply” wants to hear the auditors' report over which there would be no question at all.

Bauza did say, however, that he is hearing reports from regional government suppliers that they are having difficulty getting paid the amounts which are due to them and that government workers are “concerned” over whether or not they are going to get paid every month. “In order to find the best solution to financial difficulties, it is essential to get hold of a proper and unbiased analysis of the prevailing situation,” insisted Bauza. “Now we're at the investigating stage and are awaiting the outcome of audits from right around the region,” he explained.

Asked about the start of the new term of office of the Balearic government, Bauza said that he had told all members of his ruling team that “there is a great deal of work to do.” “Balearic society,” said Bauza, “has placed its trust in our new government, they have expectations of us and we can't let them down.” “Common sense will be the order of the day,” he claimed “but austerity is going to be the byword. “Day to day, we're going to pay heed to everyone and continue doing exactly the same work that we were undertaking in Opposition,” said the new leader.

Bauza said that his Partido Popular team had a great sense of humility in the work that it was doing. “It's not going to be easy, but we're here to take responsibility and above all to respond to people's needs.”