Palma.—The Partido Popular's Pere Rotger was sworn in yesterday as the new President of the Balearic Parliament, humbly pledging to be “simply another servant of the House and of the people which it represents.” He made an appeal for support and understanding from all the Parliamentary groups “over and above the differences of our political colours.” During his speech which followed the swearing in of 59 MPs, Rotger emphasized the need to get the workings of Parliament and the challenges it faces better known by the public at large. “People in the Balearic Islands should be encouraged to partake in what goes on in Parliament,” said Rotger. He pointed to the important role that technology would play in this development. “My job,” insisted Rotger, “is to ensure that Parliament responds swiftly to the needs of the public and that a more modern form of administration is implemented.” Rotger pointed out that eight years ago he was appointed to the same position at a time when he was also Mayor of Inca. “I am now making the same commitment again and all of you here will be my judges,” he said.