Madrid/Palma.—During the fourth International Conference of Police and Military Dog Handlers being held in Móstoles, Madrid yesterday, ‘Ajax', the dog was awarded the highest bravery award possible for his work in saving lives, as the UK PDSA awarded him the canine equivalent to the George Cross.

The Gold Medal of the PDSA is considered the highest honour that can be delivered to an animal for an act of outstanding courage or exceptional dedication to duty and social commitment.

Said to be the equivalent of the George Cross, because that is the highest honour that can be given in the Commonwealth to a civilian for acts of bravery.

Ajax, is the first Spanish dog in history to receive the award and only the second out of the UK, which has only been given to 21 dogs in total.
On the 29th of July, 2009, Ajax, accompanied by his Sergeant Juan Carlos Alabarces, arrived here in Majorca as part of a Royal detail to search the island before the arrival of the King of Spain.

The next day, in Palmanova, a car bomb exploded under a Guardia Civil vehicle, killing two young officers Diego Salvá Lezaun and Carlos Sáenz de Tejada García, at the hands of terrorist group ETA.

Ajax, went to the scene and successfully located another bomb under another patrol car.
As a result of this find, the area was cleared and a controlled explosion was carried out, which dispersed shrapnel over a 100 metre radius.
Later investigations resulted in the findings that the bomb had a motion sensor and would have caused a considerable amount of damage and certain death to anybody in the area.

There is no doubt that the actions of this dog, and his handler, saved the lives of countless people, and so yesterday morning, his bravery was recognised for the entire world to see.